Breathing Space

Curator | Shir Meller-Yamaguchi


The exhibition “Breathing Space” strives to observe a silent, invisible movement that occurs right under our noses – breathing; a movement which despite its transparency, is a basic condition essential for our existence. The exhibition draws its inspiration from Far Eastern teachings, primarily Buddhist meditation and yoga, where mindful breathing acts as an anchor, honing inner awareness, enhancing the flow of vital energy (prana in Sanskrit), calming the consciousness and observing its changing states.

The need for breathing space increases the faster and more demanding our living pace becomes, generating mounting stress. The cluster of works in the first hall addresses Inner Pause, inviting one to slow down and even stop altogether for a moment of repose, staring, wandering of the gaze, or daydreaming. It is an opportunity to grasp the importance of gaps and intervals in our lives as islands of mental availability or immersion in a cyclic-meditative movement.

The second hall, One Breath, pulsates with different rhythms and fluctuations. It spans abstract works in diverse media, which relate to the movement between body and space; to the process of inhaling-exhaling which fills the empty void with life. Breath paintings convey an inner beat, one brush stroke, or gradual processes of diffusion and absorption.

In the third hall, Spirit, breathing (neshima) and soul (neshama) leave the body to touch upon the ritual and spiritual. The movement of the breath, in-between birth and death accentuates the transience of the physical body and its existential dependence on nature.

The featured works enable one to expand the spaces between the intrinsic and the extrinsic; to be aware of the interrelations between one’s existence (kiyum) and the cosmos (yekum) in every breath. As you observe the works, you are invited to feel your breath, to notice how it fills you with life, only to give that air back to the world.

  • Mikyun Son, Gold, 2012, Video Looped