On view

Reservoir – Sumkashi Singh

In Reservoir, Sumakshi Singh creates enigmatic “gardens” of memory and light, with ethereal plant forms made of delicate white thread and stop motion animations projected upon translucent screens. In the first installation, A Blueprint of Before and After, the viewer encounters a ghostlike memory of the garden, walking through floating, white, skeletal forms, made of thread and lace using traditional embroidery techniques. However, while in the embroidering act the image is literally tied down to its ground, here Singh removes the base, leaving the image itself levitating and permeated with space. These baseless thread sketches are reduced to their flat, white essence creating the blueprint of a Garden.

The second installation, In the Garden, is an homage to the experience of a specific kind of light present in an almost magical garden of a hermit living in the Himalayas. An ethereal garden of light created by combining several luminous hand-drawn and embroidered stop-motion animations, is projected on translucent scrolls, seeming drawn and withdrawn each time anew, following nature’s cycles.

In Singh’s works, material is absent and yet always present, as a deceptive memory of traditions and life. Singh directs us to slow down and observe the tiny details often unobserved by the eye, such as the uninvited wild grass peeking through floor tiles, refusing to surrender to the human desire to manicure and control nature. She undermines our common perceptions and fixed notions of bracketing reality, suggesting a more flexible view, where change is the most common element.