Past Exhibitions

Mythology Now / Rafi Münz

Curator: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi

* The images presented in this show are not based on real figures; they are a figment of the artist’s imagination, and any similarity to reality is totally incidental.


The exhibition is based on Rafi Münz’s encounter with present-day Japan as opposed to the Japan he imagined. In the autumn of 2014 Münz traveled to Japan for an artist-in-residence program in Seto, a major pottery center, where he created and exhibited painted clay sculptures portraying people he met. Münz’s fascination with Japanese art dates back to his studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem; for him, this art represents the combination of the aspiration for perfection and great skill on one hand, and freedom and flux, on the other. This approach is visible in all of his works, whether sculpture, pottery, calligraphy, or printmaking.
The show features a comical gallery of character types alongside spontaneous calligraphic scrolls executed in ink. From his impressions as a tourist-artist, he gathered figures identified with Japanese culture, and granted them the ability to break away from their familiar appearance by adding a humorous touch. Among the figures he concocted one may encounter a samurai stabbing a blue angel or a former geisha eating an apple. The sculptures themselves evade the roles of the figures they embody, conveying lightness via freehand, fluid drawing which also liberates them from the material mass. Moreover, the sculptures signify two poles between which Münz’s path as an artist has oscillated over the years: disciplined work with the material alongside humor, spontaneity, freedom, and vivid coloration in his paintings.