Past Exhibitions

Crafted Matter – Contemporary Korean Sculpture

Maya Anner, Artlink

Crafted Matter exhibits 26 works by 9 contemporary sculptors that live and work in South Korea. This is the first exhibition in Israel dedicated entirely to Korean sculpture. Through Crafted Matter we wish to showcase a taste of present-day Korean sculpture. All the sculptors in the exhibition are active artists; some are recent graduates while others have a rich international career. The exhibiting artists make use of diverse media and engage with a variety of topics through their art. Though it may seem as if the different artists and sculptures have nothing in common, a deeper glance reveals a common thread that links the seemingly distinct subject matters. This thread is the unique voice that characterizes contemporary Korean art and is especially evident through the medium of sculpture. The artists sanctify the process of creating art, as well as the skill and control they have over their chosen materials. Their work and devotion are rooted in both the process and the substance. All these factors do not contradict the importance of the final product, which always results in an aesthetically pleasing object that is both thought provoking and imbued with meaning.


While contemporary Korean art is open to external influences, it has not abandoned its unique qualities and deep connection to Korean culture and history. The deliberate balancing act between this unique voice and Western influences, apparent in both content and matter, is one of the most fascinating aspects of contemporary Korean art.

The name of the exhibition, Crafted Matter, summarizes the essence of the exhibited sculptures.
“Matter” is material, an element, but also the idea behind each work- its subject matter. “Crafted” refers to a sense of artistry, handicraft or skill. The treatment of the material, the creative processes and the manipulations the artists apply to their respective materials constitute an integral part of the multiple layers of meanings inherent to each work exhibited here.