Past Exhibitions

Sima Meir

Dafna Doron

The exhibition presents a selection of the works of Sima Meir – weaving, embroidery, and mosaics.
From the first glance, Meir’s works fascinate the viewer with their magic. The complex forms, deriving from practical folk crafts, decorative and diligent, allow us to form our opinion, be it overt or subversive, without detracting from their beauty. In her unique technique, Meir “paints” such a powerful optical illusion that only by close scrutiny can one discern the deception.

Her preoccupation with handicraft allows Meir to examine questions of authentic versus imitation, the old world versus that of today, human warmth versus cold mechanism, and others… At the same time, these skills serve as a cultural code addressing the world of women, an antique strategy against rejection, silencing, and social inferiority.

By means of simple techniques – painting with felt-tip pens on shiny industrial formica boards – Meir imitates traditional handiwork, which demands concentration, accuracy, and endless patience. This technical simplicity produces unique results in her creations, maintaining the contemporary dialogue between traditional art on one hand, and the concept of “poverty of material” in Israeli art on the other.

The paintings with their recurring motifs – the creatures, the flowers – and all the various textures do not represent existing objects, but are taken from instruction manuals, photo albums, graffiti, textbooks, and postcards. Thus she creates copies of copies – the principle of Baudriere’s ‘simulacra’ – images derived from images, purveyors of dreams and illusions that replace actual things.

Over the years, Meir’s works have moved between preoccupation with content and form, and close attachment to the original, between European and oriental embroidery. Out of her abstractions emerge images or quotations from well-known phrases. The weavings range from multicolour to monochrome, and each group arouses renewed curiosity and expectations of what will follow.

Daphna Doron, Exhibition Curator