Past Exhibitions

At the Tip of a Brush, Clouds & Wind- Japanese Paintings from the Itamar Procaccia Collection

Etty Glass Gissis

Itamar Procaccia
The Itamar Procaccia Collection of Japanese paintings presents a variety of paintings, mostly from the Edo period (1615-1868), and brings to light the spirit of creativity which characterized Japanese art during this period when numerous schools of paintings flourished concurrently.

Zen paintings and calligraphy, inspired by Zen philosophy, rendered in a free hand with humor; landscape paintings that reflect the journey of the soul in imagined landscapes delineated in a variety of brushstrokes; orchids, plum and bamboo paintings full of expression and meanings signify good qualities like modesty which are required in life. The ensemble of these various paintings reflects a culture that observes the world from a different point of view than the western one.

Among the artists whose works are exhibited are: Kano Tanyu and Kano Tsunenobu from the Kano school, Takujo Kosen, Daido Bunka, Ekaku Hakuin and Obaku Taiho from the Zen school of painting and Matsumura Goshun and Matsumura Keibun from the Shijo school.