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Kibbutz Hazorea

Kibuts Hazorea
Hazorea (means- the one who sows), population – 1000, was founded in 1936 by members of the German Jewish Youth Movement the “Werkleute”. Their socialist ideology became Zionistic when the Nazis rose to power in the winter of 1933. Leaving behind academic studies and careers, some left soon for Palestine but most entered an agricultural training farm to prepare them for emigration and to found a kibbutz. The members raised the money for the land purchase and settled in the Jezreel Valley near Mt. Carmel. Local land tenants prevented the actual use of the land until much later. Much faith and perseverance were required to make it through the hardships of the first years. In spite of the difficult conditions the kibbutz expanded, children were born, parents of members who had escaped Germany were welcomed and groups of immigrants either stayed for a while or for good. The connection with the neighboring Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek convinced the members of Hazorea to join the Hashomer Hatzair movement. In the mid-fifties a Hebrew language Ulpan was formed and many of its graduates, immigrants from many countries, joined the kibbutz. The success of the kibbutz exceeded the dreams and visions of its founders. However the kibbutz is increasingly confronted by the impact of changes and trends from within and from the outside, and since January 14 the Kibbutz is undergoing a process towards privatization.