Past Exhibitions

Judy Orstav, Harvest

Shir Meller – Yamaguchi

In the series “Harvest” (2013), Orstav continues to address the silence of the white surface. The works are imbued with a stillness that invites attentiveness to detail.

Paper is at times torn, twisted, or folded. Under the printing press textures are created from embossing – the imprint of grains of rice, the wide strips of metal plates, metal wire that has pierced the paper. Thus, in some works, what appears on the white surface is a visible yet colourless echo of a past action. Presence and absence exist equally and simultaneously.

In other works, a dry branch or a few loosely bound twigs are placed on the paper. The natural materials are seemingly insignificant – already dried out or wilting and they remind one that what exists now will ultimately be gone. For the viewer, what remains is to simply observe the presence and the imminent emptiness.

The works remind of haiku poems which express the here and now by hint alone. According to Jacob Raz , haiku have the quality of being empty and light, free of the weight of meanings and free of the presence of the poet. The emptiness enables one to “see” the invisible through the visible. Orstav’s works have a resonance that enables this.

When the sound of the bells die
The fragrance of blossoms begins to ring.