Pulse | Orit Hofshi

Shir Meller-Yamaguchi

Orit Hofshi’s installation offers a space of mysterious, timeless landscapes, where one can wander and contemplate the meaning of man’s transience and his traces on this earth. In the piece Reservoir, Hofshiunravels a monumental, ancient landscape shrouded by darkness. The … Continue reading

The Way Home | Samah Shihadi

curator: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi

To all appearances—a house; an open field, chairs, a mattress, an armchair, and a sabra plant—covered, protected from the dust, from the winds. In her new series of works, Samah Shihadi, a young Palestinian artist, articulates the yearning for the … Continue reading

The Seven Abdulkarims | Elham Rokni

curators: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi & Anat Turbowitz

Elham Rokni’s exhibition The Seven Abdulkarims, comprised of a video work and drawings, is based on a project in which she collected folktales among Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers and work migrants. After their translation, the stories that were transmitted … Continue reading

“Introspection” Kouji Ohno

Shir Meller Yamagucci

  Japanese sculptor Kouji Ohno’s work conveys the experience of an infinite space through the human body. A master of figurative sculpture, Ohno specialized in anatomy, but his interest in the body goes beyond the visible physical dimension, striving to … Continue reading

“Elsewhere” Hiraki Sawa

Etty Glass Gissis

Hiraki Sawa is a video artist. Born in Japan,  lives and creates in England. Sawa’ video works  are a journey to “elsewhere” which exists in the depths of his memory.      His digital world is painstakingly constructed through layers of images … Continue reading

Roda Reilinger

There was always a struggle, and true enough – we did not make a living! Do you hear? We did not make a living! But we did create the beautiful balance between spirit and matter.” was a multidisciplinary artist and … Continue reading

Ophir ‘Pirush’ Levy

Ophir ‘Pirush’ Levy Ophir Levy strolls around local fields and forests, drives along country roads and surveys his surroundings with keen eyes, the eyes of a huntsman. His environment summons opportunities in the form of animal skeletons, feathers, porcupine quills, … Continue reading

Semantic Memory – A collection of exhibitions

Sharon Glazberg, Sumakshi Singh, and Shay Zilberman deal with the development of cultural narratives and perceptions of reality through the creation of local, individual and fictional narratives. The three artists have made new installations for the exhibition, where they offer … Continue reading

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