The Way Home | Samah Shihadi

curator: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi

To all appearances—a house; an open field, chairs, a mattress, an armchair, and a sabra plant—covered, protected from the dust, from the winds. In her new series of works, Samah Shihadi, a young Palestinian artist, articulates the yearning for the … Continue reading

The Seven Abdulkarims | Elham Rokni

curators: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi & Anat Turbowitz

Elham Rokni’s exhibition The Seven Abdulkarims, comprised of a video work and drawings, is based on a project in which she collected folktales among Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers and work migrants. After their translation, the stories that were transmitted … Continue reading

“Introspection” Kouji Ohno

Shir Meller Yamagucci

  Japanese sculptor Kouji Ohno’s work conveys the experience of an infinite space through the human body. A master of figurative sculpture, Ohno specialized in anatomy, but his interest in the body goes beyond the visible physical dimension, striving to … Continue reading

Asian Art

Permanent exhibition of Asian Art from the museum’s collection